The Challenge

Leading Finnish design company, Martela, wanted to create and implement their own learning platform to help train their employees around the world about their new brand and corporate values. The learning platform would then continue to be used to facilitate social learning in the future and allow Martela to create and add their own training content.

Martela Learning is offering an excellent platform for eLearning delivery and development. It's a revolutionary tool to gain experience of virtual learning, networking, sharing information and thoughts across the company with no limitation of location or time. Martela Learning, with a flavor of social interaction, is something that inspires our people!

Merja Hyttinen
HRD Specialist, Martela

The Approach

Our social learning platform, Soclet, was just the answer. With Martela we developed the platform for their needs so new content would be easily added and social interaction could take place. We also created an eLearning course made of several modules to introduce the new brand and values to their international work force.

The Results

The social learning platform, Martela Learning, was created. The eLearning course has received thousands of views and the social learning platform has facilitated discussion and interaction between Martela employees. Several further courses have since been created and added to the platform, creating a living learning space for Martela and all their employees.


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