The Challenge

One product MSD offers is a medicine pen that is used in the treatment of a serious illness. Because the pen is quite expensive and can break if not properly prepared, MSD wanted to teach end users and healthcare professionals how to use it correctly.

I like working with Bitville because I know I can expect high-quality solutions. Their professionalism and dedication ultimately save me time.

Karri Sillanpää
Product Manager, MSD Finland

The Approach

We took the long existing video and shortened it to create the base for a high-quality and professional e-learning. In the e-learning we highlighted important details and emphasized key preparation phases, making proper use of the pen absolutely clear. Creating a responsive HTML5 frame for the video ensured a smooth experience for smartphone and tablet users as well. We added new narration, and of course packed everything into a modern e-learning form with navigation, a better video player, and course controls.

The Results

Successfully re-using existing materials means that this training can continue, and can be used for a long time. The look and feel was improved with new graphics, and the navigation and video controls further enhance the user experience. And because device preparation phases were made even more clear with on-screen texts and notifications, the overall procedure is easier to understand and carry out. Being able to take the course on a smartphone or tablet is a big improvement as well.


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