The starting point

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often described as “the new electricity” that is expected to have a major impact on all industries. Nokia, being well aware of this trend, partnered up with Bitville to design a modern and responsive learning solution to share its vast AI expertise throughout the organization and to further encourage interest amongst personnel.

As it is, Nokia has strong in-house AI capabilities with numerous state-of-the-art research and development projects. They are also continuously investing in learning solutions that further help to distribute AI competencies within Nokia. This time, Nokia wanted to augment their portfolio of AI learning solutions with an eLearning course targeted toward both non-technical and technical audiences, adding up to tens of thousands of learners inside Nokia. The learning content was to highlight the basic AI technologies and the opportunities these technologies hold, but also to help people better grasp the current state of AI, and to increase awareness of the ethical side of AI as well.

The Approach

Bitville, with its long history of providing digital learning solutions for Nokia, strong competencies in AI technologies, and the capability to create robust, high-quality digital learning solutions for large audiences, was a natural choice to work with Nokia’s AI experts in developing this learning solution. The learning solution was designed to be fully digital with engaging content including story-like narration, spoken audio, and interactive elements.

Our competence

For years now, Bitville has been investing considerably in AI competencies mainly through its own AI research and development activities. The research topics for the Bitville AI team range from attention-based question answering engines to speech synthesis with deep generative models. Bitville is an active contributor to the spreading of AI competencies for masses both in University and workplace training environments.


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