The Challenge

The South African President's office requested a project from Nokia, which would explore the use of mobile technologies to support and boost formal education of mathematics. But how can you teach mathematics on basic mobile phones in an attractive and exciting way? Nokia selected Bitville as the technical provider to implement such a learning solution.

The Approach

To bring mathematics to life we created an interactive and social website optimized for mobile-browsing including scores, activity comparison, top learners, hints and competitions. The use of theory, exercises, rankings and real-time feedback allowed us to differentiate from static electronic books where learning is more passive and individual.

As the service has been optimized for mobile use, learners are using it during their free time in the evenings, at weekends and during holidays. To make mathematics more accessible, Nokia Mobile Mathematics is open to anyone through the web browser of their mobile phone.

The Results

Nokia Mobile Mathematics is an exciting service with a big educational and social impact. Teachers use it to support their lessons and monitor their learners' progress. Learners use it to compete together in mathematics, interact via messages and prepare themselves for exams.


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