The Challenge

RAY (Finland's not-for-profit Slot Machine Association) was on the lookout for a partner to produce new digital learning content. They announced an open call for bids to facilitate a major update of their dedicated LMS environment, Treenaamo. The goal was to provide versatile training content for their staff and bring their web-based learning apparatus to a completely new level, making it a more valuable tool for management. Bitville won the bid and became RAY's partner in digital learning solutions.

The team at Bitville is always eager to help, whether it's with designing content, coming up with fresh ideas, technical implementation, or planning related communications. Their aptitude for helpful instruction and their impressive ability to crystallize weighty concepts make Bitville a valuable expert partner.

Outi Moberg
Service Designer, RAY

The Approach

A departure point for our cooperation was the desire to make web-based learning an integral part of RAY's internal training. The first thing Bitville took on was the creation of a new visual look and feel for the Treenaamo LMS. Even though RAY provides its own technical support and regulation for the LMS, as an expert partner we also supported RAY's learning goals with technical insight.

After establishing a base for work, close cooperation and a healthy ongoing dialogue with RAY provided us with the raw materials needed to create a large variety of bespoke e-learning solutions. Meetings, workshops and agile project-related communications help us tailor our solutions to project-specific needs. Our scalable, mobile-friendly HTML5 courses are used for training both RAY's own employees as well those of their external partners.

One of the keys to pedagogical effectiveness in our courses with RAY is the use of a range of audiovisual content. Different elements such as images, sound, text, exercises and employee interviews are used to activate users and to facilitate learning. While visually and logically related to one another, the courses are always tailored to specific training needs, and they all contribute to RAY's path of continuous learning.

The Results

We have provided a large number of e-learning courses to RAY, ranging from compact, time-efficient game idea modules to more substantial topics, such as courses on company culture and organizational changes.

Larger collaborations include a company-wide induction course as well as a course designed for all customer service employees. Going by feedback from RAY staff, the courses have been well received. Project owners within RAY have been very satisfied with the ongoing partnership, giving particular praise to Bitville's reliability, expertise, and our ability to quickly absorb and integrate information specific to RAY.


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