The Challenge

Tieto's HR team created a card game for employees to facilitate self-evaluation and share ideas on how to improve personal performance. The original version of the game was designed for small groups using physical cards, so players needed to be in the same room to particpate. However, the HR team also wanted to create a digital version of the game so employees from all around the world could play with one another. Bitville was given the challenge of creating and implementing the digital version of the game

Tieto Coaching game is a fun way of learning more about key behaviours in Tieto and now with the digital version of the game it is available for all Tieto employees around the world!

Nina Lönnquist
Head of Compensation & Benefits, Tieto Corporation

The Approach

To bring the game to life within the time frame, the solution was built upon existing infrastructure as much as possible. The game also used software, such as Live Meeting, for screen-sharing and discussion. As the game generated a lot of valuable data, such as tips on how to improve performance, the solution was also designed to store all the ideas suggested by players. These could then be collected and used to create a wealth of valuable best-practices to improve performance in Tieto.

The Results

The game was added to Tieto's Moodle platform where players from around the world have come together to evaluate themselves and help one another to improve. Many tips and ideas on how to improve performance have been shared through the game, which can be used to teach key behaviors in the future.


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