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21st June 2017

Bitville has launched a Tekes-funded AI research project

Bitville has launched a major research project to investigate various alternatives about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be harnessed to assist in human learning. The research project is funded partly by Tekes, and it belongs to the Team Finland Augmented Intelligence campaign. Tekes is a governmental expert organization for funding research, development and innovation in Finland.

The length of the project is six months, and will be conducted by Bitville's AI team.

The solutions will be based on deep neural networks, also known as "deep learning". The research project focuses on:

  • Evaluating the course quality through automated analysis of textual feedback received from the students
  • Automated assessment of the learner's skills by analyzing the student interactions with the learning content
  • Automated assessment of written essays by using memory augmented neural networks

The combination of these three applications will potentially provide unprecedented tools for evaluating the learning program quality, value and learner skills. The solutions described above will use a wide array of deep learning technologies including recurrent neural networks and memory augmented neural networks.

The development and simulations are performed by using the TensorFlow deep learning software library, which is currently the state-of-the-art tool for developing and analyzing the deep neural networks. The research project is headed by Antti Keurulainen, who has recently completed his licentiate research in this field at Aalto University.

The deep neural networks have already shown their capabilities in many fields, such as in computer vision and natural language processing. Furthermore, there has been considerable development in generative models and machine reasoning. The artificial intelligence technology is already applied in many industries, and this development is expected to further accelerate in the future. Bitville believes that emerging AI technologies will add value and will be incorporated in many learning solutions in near future.

"This is an excellent moment to invest in artificial intelligence technologies and to study the feasibility for applications that support human learning. Bitville has a long tradition of implementing various digital solutions and training solutions for our customers, and AI is a natural progression of Bitville's competencies. With a background of several years of AI research, Bitville is already now well-equipped to apply these technologies. Bitville's people are already teaching deep learning technologies in various forums, such as in the Aalto University", says Jouko Ranta, CEO of Bitville.

For more information, please contact:

Jouko Ranta, CEO,, +358 40 579 8098
Antti Keurulainen, AI Project Lead,, +358 40 5800 802

6th June 2017

Bitville strengthens its AI team

We warmly welcome our newest team member Jussi Martin. Jussi brings a boost to Bitville's mathematics competences, as he holds a PhD in Mathematics from Helsinki University. Jussi joined Bitville's AI team in May, and will participate in Bitville's AI research activities.

"I am really excited to join Bitville's AI research team. Artificial intelligence, and especially deep neural networks is an area where I can fully utilize my competences gained during my earlier research work, since deep learning algorithms relies heavily on mathematics. Deep learning has been my passion already for some time, and I am thrilled that I have a chance to fully concentrate in AI in my new work", says PhD Jussi Martin.

1st June 2017

Bitville to offer digital learning services for Veikkaus Oy

Bitville has been selected to create digital learning solutions for Veikkaus Oy. Veikkaus is a gaming company owned by the Finnish State, and it holds the exclusive right to operate all gambling games in Finland.

Bitville has co-operated with RAY since 2013, and during the co-operation Bitville has participated in the creation of tens of e-learning courses and additional digital assets, and participated in the strategy roll-out with digital methods optimized for smartphones. Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY), Fintoto and Veikkaus merged into a single gaming company, Veikkaus Oy, in early 2017.

"We are excited to continue our great co-operation with Veikkaus, and to offer new experiences and ideas together in the future", says Jouko Ranta, CEO of Bitville.

For more information, please contact:

Jouko Ranta, CEO,, +358 40 579 8098

30th May 2017

Summer training in Bitville - real project work to support theoretical studies

This week the Bitville team was augmented by our summer internship recruitment, as Oskar Keurulainen joins us for the summer as a data scientist trainee. Oskar studies at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Oskar says: "My major passion is control systems, robotics, software engineering, and especially how to use deep neural networks for implementing control systems in robotics. I have invested and will continue to invest my time to bring my math, programming and machine learning skills to the level that is required solve problems associated with my previously mentioned passions. These focuses combine many fascinating fields such as deep learning, reinforcement learning and data science in general. In Bitville, I have a chance to work as a member in an AI team, which supports my studies in the best way possible. Additionally, I am grateful to have the opportunity to familiarize myself with the latest tools that I need to learn well, such as TensorFlow."

27th April 2017

Thomas Giamanco joins Bitville

We are pleased to introduce Thomas Giamanco as the newest member of our writing team. Thomas is a native English-speaker from New York with a continually expanding background in intercultural sustainability and communication, learning facilitation, and futures foresight.

Thomas states, "Joining the Bitville crew has been a fantastic experience! Working with such creative and innovative team members is refreshing, motivating, and exciting. Bitville has provided me with the challenging and rewarding opportunity to grow as a writer and content creator."

15th March 2016

Bitville helps Worldreader & Opera to win top prize at GSMA GLOMO awards

Worldreader Mobile, a web-based reading solution for mobile phones that Bitville built for Worldreader, has won the Best Mobile Innovation for Education award at the 2016 GSMA Global Mobile awards in Barcelona. Today, millions of readers use it every month to access thousands of free books.

Worldreader, a global nonprofit dedicated to enabling everyone to become a reader, teamed up with Opera Software to make books available not only to smartphone users, but also to the hundreds of millions of people who still use inexpensive, older mobile phones, all around the world. Worldreader has more than 28,000 books to share, and over 350 million people world-wide use Opera Mini, so it made good sense to combine the services.

Worldreader needed a technical provider to create a solution that would make their books comfortable to read, even on small displays, and in a format that would be easily accessible for older as well as newer phones.

A highly-effective and useful platform-agnostic compression system, providing social development opportunities – borne out by the huge market take-up.

- Judge's statement

Bitville had optimized user interfaces for Opera before, and so had the skills and knowledge to design and optimize user experiences for the Opera browser in this case. Bitville worked with Worldreader to create a cloud-based web app that makes books available so that even people with high latency, low-bandwidth connections can still enjoy reading on their phones. Senior Application Developer Juha Pulliainen says, “It was great that we could make it work across lots of different technologies – even systems that might be ten years old. It's not something that a lot of companies can do.”

The award-winning result is bringing more and more books to increasing numbers of readers around the world, with more than 2.5 million visitors per month, as of this writing. The service continues to be developed, and is growing constantly in popularity.

22nd February 2016

Changes in Bitville's organisation

Bitville's CEO Antti Keurulainen is starting a full-time research project, in effect from February 1, 2016. Mr. Keurulainen will be researching the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to human learning in Professor Tapani Raiko's deep learning research group at Aalto University, with the intention of writing a Licentiate thesis on the topic for the Department of Computer Science at the Aalto University School of Science.

Jouko Ranta has been nominated as CEO, effective from February 1, 2016. Jouko Ranta has been working at Bitville for over ten years, the last two of which he has been acting as Bitville's Deputy CEO. Throughout the years, he has been one of the mainstays of the company, with in-depth knowledge of Bitville's policies, culture and clients.

Simultaneously, Bitville is strengthening its executive functions and Board of Directors. From February 1, 2016, Bitville's Board of Directors will have two members: Antti Keurulainen, Chairman of the Board, and Antti Hannula, Board member. Mr. Hannula, LLM, MBA, has extensive experience in working with ICT companies of varying sizes. He has also written a dozen books on the topics of board governance and ownership, worked as a venture capitalist, and been a member of the Board of Directors of over 50 companies.